In this case, we are talking about a casino slot that will complete 10 years of existence and is still a success! This phenomenon is Fruit Shop, one of those classic fruit casinos, with 5 columns and 3 rows, 96.71% RTP and a medium/low volatility.

And in case you’re thinking that because it’s from 2011 the game has cruder graphics or animations, you’re very wrong. Looking at the first glance, the game could have been created in 2020 that would be 100% in accordance with the standards of design and graphic quality you expect. This design, like fruit slots as a whole, is timeless, which is one of the main reasons why Fruit Shop is so widely played to this day (and increasingly so!).

Differences between the Fruit Shop and conventional fruit slots

Fruit Shop games

You may not know it, but fruit slots were the first type of slot machine to exist. This, of course, was back when we didn’t even dream of anything like the Internet or online casino games. Anyway, being so traditional and with such strong symbols, fruit slots have always been on the agenda in the casino world and are almost always the same or similar in terms of their winning mechanics. Not so in the case of Fruit Shop… we have some interesting changes.

The first one is the implementation of Free Spins, where the paylines (there are 15) are worth double while the player is on Free Spins. Free Spins are awarded to the player when the fruit symbols appear in the correct order – Plum, Lemon, Orange and Watermelon. Free Spins are also awarded when the player draws cherry paylines, earning Free Spins on 2 cherries appearing in a row.

The second innovation is the Wild symbol, which has the power to substitute for other symbols, acting as a “Joker”. Also, all wins on any payline with the Wild symbol are multiplied by 2. This means that if you win x10 on a payline with Wild, the payout automatically becomes x20!

Fruit and Symbols in Fruit Shop Slot

Fruit Shop Slot

Let’s take a look below, one by one, at what symbols are present in Fruit Shop casino slot:

  • Cherry: Classic fruit slot symbol, the cherry pays up to 2000x
  • Plum: Also pays a high value, 1000x
  • Lemon: Payout up to x750
  • Orange: Maximum of 500x
  • Watermelon: Maximum of 200x
  • A, K, Q, J, 10: Lower value symbols, which pay 50x, 60x, 75x, 100x and 150x.

Fruit Shop Slot Bottom Line

If you have never played a fruit slot before, then Fruit Shop is a great option to start with, delivering the classic fruit slot experience with the innovations and possibilities that new generations of online slots are bringing to the casino world. If you are a regular player of this style of slot, you are also very likely to enjoy it, regardless of whether you prefer more conventional or more daring games, Fruit Shop brings the ideal measure of innovation to the traditional.

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