English Premier League – Types of bets and markets

For you to get used to the forms of betting, realize that there is not only the choice of the team that wins a particular match, there is much more, such as betting on the number of goals that the match may offer, the number of corners and even the yellow and red cards come into this. The important thing is to be aware of all the details and consult the types of bets offered by your favourite site.

There is also the possibility of multiple bets, which can boost your winnings, in case you are confident with your guesses. See below for the ways in which you can place your bet.

1X2 or Moneyline

The most common practice when placing a bet is to choose the final result. Who wins or if there is a tie. The concept is quite simple. So if you bet on the home team and they win, automatically, regardless of the number of goals, you are guaranteed a profit

Double Chance

betting Premier League

This style of betting is nothing more than the possibility of betting on more than one result for the same match. For example, there is a chance of victory for Team 1 along with a draw. Or you can offer Team 2 a win or draw. There is also the possibility of victory for both sides. It is not one of the most exploited markets as it brings the odds down. However, if used with caution, it can be another interesting tool.

Exact result

The style more similar to the sweepstakes that occur within companies and families, especially at times of the World Cup. The basic concept is to hit the exact score of the game. For carrying a greater risk, the odds are usually high. This is one more of the available markets in which it is necessary to make a deep study and, even so, still count on a bit of luck for it to happen.

Goals average in the match

This is also a very explored market in the Premier League, as it doesn’t depend on the victory of a specific team, but on plotting what will be the final average of goals in the match. For example, after a detailed research on the teams about what the match offers, there may be great chances that the match will have a goal average higher than 2.5. From this choice, the bettor believes in a score that exceeds three goals.

Both teams can score

This form of betting works with odds of there being goals or not for both teams or only for one of them. It is also a good alternative for beginners who wish to familiarise themselves with Premier League betting.

Draw returns

In this type of bet, only the victory for either team matters. In case of a draw, the bet is cancelled and the values are returned to the bettor. These are smaller chances of loss with this market.


Corners have started to be exploited in a way that bets can pay good profits. This way, more and more bettors started to know this style. It is important to follow the statistics, to have an idea of which teams have the highest number of corners in general and even the average in each half of the game, both for and against. The odds are also usually interesting.

Red and Yellow Cards

bet on the Premier League

The cards, as well as the corners, can also generate good chances of fun and good returns. But to perform well one must also follow the statistics. The bettor can choose between options like if there will be red cards or not, yellow card average and who gets the first card, in case of games with more rivalry. Many bettors end up taking advantage in this type of market for knowing more about the teams and how they behave in terms of discipline.


Finally, mentioning once again the multiple bets, we remind you that they aim to make the bettor put more than one bet in play. This can occur not only in factors of the same match, but can also be in other games within that same period. There are more risks, therefore, there is a considerable increase in the possible return, in case of confirmation in all the results betted

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