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This game strategy is nothing but the contrariety of the Martingeil. And it is played in the opposite direction, that is to say to the profit. Here the player actualizes the “money to money” principle. The player places the bet on the outer field of the gaming table, if the bet goes to the bottom of the casino, the bet is made again in the same size, but at another color or proportionality or parity. If fortune is on the side of the player and the last one has won, he will have to build a series of fortunes by his own hands. As in the case with martingeil, here it is better to limit yourself to not a large number of series and start with small bets.

Color dynamics in the Donald-Natanson system

Online Roulette

First of all, before thinking about the size of the bet depending on the color on which it is made, it is necessary to say a few words about the principle of increasing capital without depending on its color. The policy of increasing or decreasing the size of the bets is as follows: the player chooses for himself the fixed size of the bet as the nominal and in each round, depending on the result, this bet is usually increased by the nominal or decreased by the same sum. If after the first round the bet passes in favor of the casino, the player starts the game again after some time. As far as the color dynamics of the bet is concerned, the mathematical calculation shows that depending on the color of the dropped segment the bet must also be changed.

Experimental game strategies

These strategies are called experimental because their concrete application depends on the data that the player will receive by experimenting independently or practicing in the free online game, or trying his luck directly in the game.

Full Size Strategy

One of the tested and training strategies is referred to as “the full size strategy”. It consists of the following: the player in a trainer starts the roulette wheel as many times as there are segments marked on the roulette wheel. For the American type roulette this amount is equal to 38; for classical and European it is 37; for non-zero roulette it is 36. After each start and stop the dropped number is noted. In total, to have a good statistic, the player must make three sizes of complete observations, that is to say, write down all the 111 dropped numbers, if the European roulette is examined. After these 111 numbers, the number that has fallen no less than 5 times is chosen and from now on the bets are made on it.

Substitution strategy

Classic Online Roulette

Classic Online Roulette StrategyOne more interesting strategy of an experimental nature is called “Substitution Strategy”. It is a very simple but very effective strategy. The player writes the numbers in a column in order from one to ten. Before determining the character of the bet, the player adds two extreme values ​​in the list, in the beginning it is ten plus one. In case of gain of the list these values ​​are deleted, and the newly formed extreme values ​​are added. If the bet has not won, 11 is added to the last number on the list. Then the numbers are added again, the bet is made until all the numbers are erased. As you can see, all the strategies described above have a universal character and can be applied to any type of roulette. The cause of this is the strict mathematical regularity on which they are based. More precisely: the player only tries to reduce the interval of the fall of the (expected) mean value, but not guess or know it. And since the structure of various types of roulette differs only by the width of this interval, the methods are applicable to all types, and you decide to which type it is necessary to apply these strategies

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