Final tips for those who want to start betting on LoL

To become a good bettor, regardless of whatever the chosen niche is, is always to be very well informed about the dates of the competitions in the calendar, as well as finding out which are the main teams that will compete for the title in question. However, other tips are more specific in this game that works a lot on strategy.

A good tip is also to make an analysis about each of the teams and the way they usually apply their strategies to win a match or have the victory in a map. This can also define the total winner of the match.

For all this work of observation occurs in the best way, it is necessary to consume much of what is offered about the game. So, do not hesitate to watch enough of the games, so that you can reach the level of knowledge of the main game strategies that can be used by the teams to reach the victories.

News portals can be great allies for LoL bettors. By updating the information, you can find out how the teams are preparing for certain championships, as well as have complete overviews of their performance and match history. Among the most famous media are League of Legends Brasil, Dot eSports and Riot Games itself, which is always updating its fans and players with each new update.

There are also streamers, youtubers and influencers that usually always bring news about the game, in case you have not seen any specific news. Therefore, it is also interesting to follow the social networks and channels of these people, because it is very likely that they will help you with reviews and new news. KamiKat is a great expert on the subject and, because he is Brazilian, you who are starting out, may have a better understanding.

What are the main LoL tournaments?


Generally are all those tournaments organized by the game’s developer, which in this case is Riot Games. Among the main ones so that you can keep focused when studying the teams, it’s important to separate into smaller and larger tournaments in the number of competitors.

The CBLoL (Campeonato Brasileiro de League of Legends) is a tournament that can be classified as minor. Not because of the quality, obviously, but because of the number of teams competing. The event, which is organised by Riot, has won two annual editions, one in each semester, and has been since the year 2012.

It’s important to note that the annual champions win spots to compete in bigger tournaments, such as the Mid-Season Invitational and also win a spot to participate in the qualifying round of the World Championship, the World LoL Championship, which has been held since 2011. Therefore, to always have a good level when choosing where to bet, a good option is the CBLoL and the World Championship, which will be easier to follow every detail.

Where to watch LoL matches?

League of Legends

The main means of access are YouTube and Twitch, which have been present since the first editions of the championships, broadcasting via streaming to the whole world. Even the largest audiences ever recorded involving eSports are linked to these two platforms.

Today we also have closed TV channels that already broadcast, such as SporTV. The most interesting is to have the games broadcasted in Portuguese, which can help even more those who want to start playing and betting on LoL.

In fact, some bookmakers are already participating in the amount of media that broadcast the games live. Try to find out from the bookmaker of your choice if there is such an option. Even if not in video, it can also be very helpful if the website has a real time tab, where the main actions are updated at every moment, especially the statistical data. This can also be a facilitator for those who are starting to gather information for betting.

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